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              Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipes Group Co.,Ltd.

            2. Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe Co., Ltd located at No.92 JieFang East Road, Xinhua District, Cangzhou City, Hebei Proivence, is a joint-stock corporation established in 1994. The company is a large-sized enterprise and key metallurgic enterprise of Hebei province. It occupies 300,000 square meters with total assets of 530 million RMB yuan. There are 840 employees, ten percent of them have all kinds of certificates, and its annual output is 300,000 tons of spiral steel pipe and the output &#118alue is 1500 million every year……
              Entrepreneurship: integrity-based, realistic and innovative.
              Enterprise Mission: development, and win-win situation.
              Quality: scientific rigorous grasping management, meticulous brand.
              Management approach: people-oriented, strict Zhichang, leading technology, quality win.
              Spiral steel pipe
              L245 spiral steel pip
              Spiral steel pipe for
              Φ720 * 8mm spiral st
              9711 GB natural gas p
              L360 spiral steel pip
              Ф219~2420mm Spiral s
              API Spiral steel pipe
              DN2220 Spiral steel p
              q345b Spiral steel pi
              l290 Spiral steel pip
              16mn spiral steel pip
              Thick - walled spiral
              Large diameter spiral
              The standard spiral s